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Using the latest in computerized wireless technology, you can easily interact with all of the guests at your wedding. Through SMS text messaging, you can deliver simple text messages to your friends and family directly to their cell phones.

Wireless Weddings is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to create and deliver your fun and interactive message to all of your guests. Let your guests be a part of your big day before, during, and after your event!

Get Started Now

Use Wireless Weddings to schedule automated group text messages for your wedding.

  • Schedule reminders for all of your guests to make sure that they RSVP in time.
  • Schedule a special wedding day message to all of your guests the morning of your wedding or send them a thank you for attending message the day after.
  • Send reminders to bridal party of important dates such as getting the tuxedo or bridesmaid dresses.
  • Send out of town guests updates and reminders on travel deals and deadlines
  • Schedule wedding count down fun facts about your upcoming wedding day in the days leading up to your wedding
  • Schedule to text the address of your ceremony site an hour before it starts.
  • Schedule a message to go out to all of your guests 15 minutes before your wedding starts to remind your guests to turn off their cell phones before the ceremony starts.

Get creative! The possibilities are endless! Sign up now for free!

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