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I can already send text messages with my phone.. why would I use this system to do that?
The simple one word answer to that question is... Automation. With the WirelessWeddings system its not just about sending the message, its about automating the process for you. Imagine sitting down on a Sunday afternoon going through all of your wedding plans and setting up all the messages you need to send on the exact day and time that you need to send them. By creating specific messages and setting them up to go out ahead of time you will never need to worry about being on top of remembering to send them out. Not to mention all the time you would save by manually entering them into your phone and sending them one by one. Do it once in the WirelessWeddings system and it you will no longer need to think about it.

Do I need to have or know any special computer skills to use your system?
Absolutely... NOT! Our system is super easy to use. Basically as long as you can send an email, you have all the skills needed to run the system. And just incase you still need a little extra help each section of the system has a video tutorial that will help you along.

How do I enter my friends and family phone numbers into the system?
You can enter them in our online form or upload them through a spread sheet.

What if my guests want to stop getting my messages?
This service is 100% opt in. What that means is that at any time they can reply "STOP" to your messages and it instantly takes them out of your database in your account and off of your list.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send?
No - there is no limit to the number you can send at any time. The only limit is how ever many credits you have in your account. If you run low on credits you can purchase more at any time.

What kind of messages can I send?
You can send standard text messages with 160 characters or less. Get creative as you want - the possibilities are endless!

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